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MK One Trucking LLC is a leading logistics provider for Southern California. We offer full-service transportation management services and provide our customers a true competitive edge by marrying the latest in cutting edge technology, industry expertise and a modern approach to real world logistics.

Here are just a few reasons why companies choose Intelliship Logistics:

Our team is comprised of highly motivated professionals that are completely committed to providing you with the highest quality service you can expect from any service organization.

Time is money and one call to Intelliship Logistics can replace dozens of calls and hours on the phone to other providers. Our local freight equipment combined with our global network of agents can get your freight anywhere in the world in an expedited manner.

Capacity is the key to success in this day and age! Intelliship Logistics can manage any capacity you require. From local business pick and delvery to convention/hotel move-in move-out schedules, Intelliship Logistics will be there with the right equipment, standing by to make the best best impression on you and your customers.

Our experience with convention freight should not be a luxury and with LDI our carrier partners go through extensive and ongoing screening in order to qualify before every load. We monitor every load through to delivery, so you don’t have to.

Our team has more than 50 years of comprised experience in the freight industry, customer service industry and the trade show/convention markets. We are experienced professionals with time critical, sensitive electronic, and pick ups or deliveries that require a driver to go the extra mile to ensure 100% complete satisfaction.

Dedicated operations and customer service staff are assigned to each customer. We’re available to you 24/7

Responsibility is what we take on every customer load! We treat your freight as if it was our own and we do what it takes to deliver on-time, in good condition with no problems!



Regardless of the destination, our shipping agent fulfills your shipping demands by our flexible scheduling and the best shipment times assuring your cargo is treated accurately and reaches its destination safely on time. 

MK1 Trucking LLC provides a comprehensive 3PL service for businesses of all sizes, in all industries, although we have specialists in handling equipment, automobile, and the power generation industries.


Air freight transportation is a speedy and efficient method that is distinctly valuable to companies needing to get products to international clients quickly or stick on track with a just-in-time manufacturing model.

The only drawback of air shipping is that the price can be significantly higher than ocean freight shipping. But Fortunately, Amerian Transport Incorporated can lower this cost, and we also supply exceptional client support.
From small individual delivery to large shipload, we offer you a range of airfreight services from all vital airports around the globe.

We keep in contact with the airlines worldwide to track your freight. Our agents confirm all freight delivery.


At MK1 Trucking LLC, our Road Freight products provide best-quality road transportation and from standard services like LTL (Less-than-Truck Load) to FTL (Full-Truck Load) shipments. We have temperature-controlled and highly secured, reliable, and stable transports.


MK1 Trucking LLC’s top priority focus is to provide flexible storage center solutions along with any related value-added activities at a low price. We have the information systems, customer service, and specialists to handle the complex distribution and storage requirements.

We offer short and long-term domestic and international storage services through our network of providers. We work with the client to determine the best storage options by inspecting their area location, time constraints, and load size. Flexible storage comes with flexible pricing. We can maximize your space if it is required, or guarantee square footage for your storage and warehousing demands.


MK1 Trucking LLC offers both domestic and international warehousing services for our shipping customers and partners.

Our decades of experience with our global shipping and cargo administration networks make us a reliable logistics partner. Businesses looking for a cost-effective solution of warehousing often get the results when they seek through a third-party logistics partner like MK1 Trucking LLC.

Companies looking to enlarge into new markets can also get benefit considerably from third party warehousing and distribution assistance.


At MK1 Trucking LLC, we can manage your supply chain and help you build solutions that cater to your particular needs. We believe in customization because you must not have to pay for services that you don’t want.

Many of the businesses that partner with us initiate by asking us to handle just one or two facets of their supply chain. But when they feel the benefits outsourced logistics staff can bring, they ask us to take hold completely—so they can focus on other aspects of their companies.


"I am very pleased with the excellent delivery service I received from MK1 Trucking. They were fast and efficient! They even made the call for me to report a dent that we found on the left side of the washer. They made the call for me and I received a discount for the damage. I appreciated that above and beyond service! I would highly recommend MK1 Trucking LLC!"
"MK1 Trucking LLC has been consistent in being able to provide transportation services. Their communication and customer service are second to none. All requests have been answered promptly and efficiently. Confirmation of delivery has been communicated every time. If you need to know with confidence that your goods are going to get where they need to go, MK1 Trucking is the company to talk to. Thanks MK1 Trucking LLC!"
"Best workplace ever; management and staff, friendly, helpful and professional. Family environment. No need to search further, this is the place to be in. Five stars, MK1 Trucking LLC!"

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